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JURATOPIA is a delightful art collection consisting of 5000 NFTs featuring various types of dinosaurs.
To relive the excitement of your childhood when you first saw dinosaurs.
Join us in the dinosaurs’paradise!


Dinosaurs are a source of excitement!
Remember how excited you were when you first saw dinosaurs as a child?
Just imagine the prehistoric times when dinosaurs lived and how they lived.
It is exciting to see how they lived in those ancient times.


The Late Cretaceous mass extinction occurred about 66 million years ago.

Many creatures, including dinosaurs, disappeared. ohh... That’s scary...

Still, some dinosaurs managed to survive w ith small brains for their large bodies.

To survive in a terrible environment, we need to We need to evolve in a big hurry.
Evolve now!

They evolved weirdly over tens of millions of years.

They stopped eating meat and became candy eaters.
More about nice clothes than fighting.

Fun is everything.
The dinosauroid, was born.

Such hedonism, they have a good time.
Yes. This is "JURATOPIA".

They don’t want to be disturbed.
So they live here undetected by humans.
Maybe you’ve been here before?


Become a resident of JURATOPIA!
Let’s all experience the funny and no-holds-barred dinosaurs and the events that make you laugh!

  • PHASE 1

    As an first project, we will mint a total of 5000 collections.
    The first 100 pieces will be minted and will be released in phases.

    The first collection will feature a lineup of popular dinosaurs. Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Pteranodon, Ankylosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus,Carnotaurus, and Utahraptor.

    We will continue to build collections of various dinosaurs in the future.

  • PHASE 2

    We will select some of the JURATOPIA NFT holders to exhibit in galleries and museums.
    Some of JURATOPIA’s residents (community participants) can have their own JURATOPIA NFT exhibited in the art space at that time!

  • PHASE 3

    JURATOPIA is a fashion brand from NFT, which will be developed for fans in both real and digital worlds.
    As the first step of fashionization, JURATOPIA residents (community participants) will receive free T-shirts and other goods will be distributed

  • PHASE 4

    The dinosaurs of JURATOPIA live quietly.
    but some of the more conspicuous dinosaurs have been unable to resist and are planning to They have already been spotted here and there. and you may be lucky enough to meet them.

    Somewhere in Japan, a hideout bar opened by the dinosaurs of JURATOPIA will be opened, and the development of avatar parts that can be used as digital fashion, and so on. JURATOPIA will continue to expand in both real and digital worlds!


Keeta is a Japanese illustrator, author and graphic designer.
He draws dinosaurs and other paleontological creatures with a pop touch.
He has been designing graphics and goods for more than 10 years. His drawings of dinosaurs have made many children's eyes sparkle.



Unique members who love dinosaurs and want to bring excitement to the world.
We are a group of people with diverse backgrounds, including engineers, marketers, artists, and others, who are committed to bringing excitement to the world through dinosaurs.
Through dinosaurs, we bring to society the importance of learning, the wonder of excitement, and the spirit of inquiry into the unknown.

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    • What is the supply?

      5000 NFTs

    • How much ?

      WHITE LIST SALE : 0.02ETH + gas
      PUBLIC SALE : 0.04ETH + gas

    • When Mint?

      Check out the official twitter!

    • Where is the Discord?

      No Discord.
      The dinosaurs did not need it yet.

    • Blockchain

      Ethereum Mainnet

    • NFT Standard


    • Royalty fee